Additional “Revival of ‘F'” Preview Screenings in Japan
Published by 17 March 2015, 5:15 PM EDT

With the upcoming film, Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F”, a month away, and promotion for it starting to ramp up in earnest, we now have reports of three new preview screenings of the movie in addition to the seven previously announced.

First is an additional screening at T-Joy Cinema in Kyoto on 03 April: 50 pairs (100 individuals) will get the chance to see the new movie two weeks early. People can enter by filling out the entry form found in the Porta underground mall at Kyoto Station, and submitting it at Information desk. The entry period is from 14 to 27 March.

Next is an intimate showing at Space FS Shiodome in Tokyo, limited to a mere 15 pairs (30 individuals). Entries must be made by filling out and sending in the postcard included with the April issue of Entermix magazine, which was released on 20 February.

Finally, on 07 April, Aeon Cinema Ōdaka in Nagoya will be having a screening for 100 pairs (200 individuals). Prospective attendees must send a postcard in to Tōkai TV (Nagoya’s regional Fuji TV affiliate) with their name, address, age, and profession; or they can enter online via Tōkai TV’s website.

In addition to the previously-announced Japanese screenings — which begin 30 March 2015an American preview screening (incorrectly first described as a “world premiere”), in Japanese with English subtitles, will take place 11 April 2015 in Los Angeles courtesy of FUNimation.

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