“Revival of ‘F'” Celebrated With “World’s Best Fan Meeting”
Published by 23 March 2015, 10:33 PM EDT

To commemorate the upcoming premiere of Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F” in Japan on 18 April 2015, the AnimeJapan 2015 convention hosted a “World’s Best Fan Meeting” event on 21 March 2015 in the assembly hall of the Tokyo International Exhibition Center. The event was host to 1,000 fans who were on-hand to see special guests Masako Nozawa (Goku), Ryūsei Nakao (Freeza), Ryō Horikawa (Vegeta), Masaharu Satō (Kame-Sen’nin), and Toshio Furukawa (Piccolo).

In addition to discussing highlights of the film and the script, lines from the film were performed by the cast for the first time in public. Specifically of note was Ryūsei Nakao and Masako Nozawa’s reproduction of a battle scene between Goku and Golden Freeza. Also on-hand as a “secret guest” was the famous “Ostrich Club” comedy trio, who acted as a pep squad for the film and performed a “Kamehame-ya” (“ya” is one of their catchphrases).

The cast members also discussed their thoughts about the film and their roles in it:

野沢雅子(孫悟空・孫悟飯 役)

Masako Nozawa (Son Goku & Son Gohan)
The first time I read the script, I got more and more excited every time I turned the page. I’ve played Goku for so many years that I’m one with him, so as I read, I’m often able to predict, “on the next page, it’ll probably go like this!” but this time was nothing but unexpected developments that made me go, “Eh, it goes like this?! Just as you’d expect of Toriyama-sensei!”

中尾隆聖(フリーザ 役)

Ryūsei Nakao (Freeza)
When I was told about [the movie] I inadvertently shouted, “All right!” I believe that the “F” in the title doesn’t just stand for “Freeza”, but that it also stands for all you “Fans” who support [the franchise]. A long time has passed since 1990, when I first had the honor of playing Freeza, but this time I worked especially hard to be hated by Mako-san (Masako Nozawa), in order to receive those words of praise, “I hate you so much!”

堀川りょう(ベジータ 役)

Ryō Horikawa (Vegeta)
Vegeta has a great deal of pride, so he wouldn’t normally say it, but this is one of those rare occasions where, having lost to Freeza, he at last cries and asks, “Avenge me, Kakarrot”. That sort of thing was a first for me, so it filled me with emotion. This time Freeza is resurrected, and to me, that means “revenge” [i.e., a rematch], so I enjoyed myself.

佐藤正治(亀仙人 役)

Masaharu Satō (Kame-Sen’nin)
Usually he’s mainly after a “pafu-pafu“, but this time is different! A side of Kame-Sen’nin comes out that’s different from the usual, so everyone, please look forward to it.

古川登志夫(ピッコロ 役)

Toshio Furukawa (Piccolo)
This movie was written from scratch by Toriyama-sensei, so in the movie, a lot of one-liners and classic lines are born. The “F” in the title stands for “Freeza”, for all you “Fans”, and also for Toshio “Furukawa” (laughs). Piccolo has a role to play too, so look forward to it!

To close out the event, the cast performed a spirited Kamehameha with all the fans on-hand!

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