Saikyō Jump Unveils “Dragon Ball Super” August Schedule
Published by 07 August 2015, 12:07 AM EDT

The bimonthly September issue of Saikyō Jump, which was recently released 01 August 2015, lays out the remaining August schedule of Dragon Ball Super with what appear to be final episode titles.


Note that the episode numbers (and the latter-most air date) listed in Saikyō Jump are erroneous and have been corrected below. The 5th episode of Dragon Ball Super, which is incorrectly listed above as episode 6, will air this weekend, with no scheduled breaks the remainder of the month.

  • Episode #5 — 09 August 2015
    Kaiō-sei no Kessen! Gokū Tai Hakaishin Birusu
    Showdown on Kaiō’s Planet! Goku vs God of Destruction Beerus
  • Episode #6 — 16 August 2015
    Hakaishin o Okoraseru na! Doki-Doki Tanjō Pātī
    Don’t Anger the God of Destruction! The Heart Pounding Birthday Party
  • Episode #7 — 23 August 2015
    Yokumo Ore no Buruma o! Bejīta Ikari no Totsuzenhen’i!?
    How Dare You Hit My Bulma! Vegeta’s Furious Mutation?!
  • Episode #8 — 30 August 2015
    Gokū Kenzan da! Birusu-sama Kara no Rasuto Chansu!?
    Goku Steps Up! The Last Chance From Beerus-sama?!

The same page also includes another glimpse at Champa and his presumed attendant, with a comment questioning who this mysterious person is with Champa:


This person next to Champa!! It looks like Whis, but… if you look closely, it’s a woman?!

While this character still remains officially unnamed, it is at least now clear that it is indeed a “her”. A quick blurb on the page does wonder when this mysterious duo, which “look super-alike” to Beerus and Whis, will appear in Super, but leaves the question open ended with no actual answer.

Dragon Ball Super, which began airing 05 July 2015 on Fuji TV, is the first all-new TV series for the franchise in 18 years. The story and characters will be developed by original manga author Akira Toriyama, will star veteran voice actress Masako Nozawa, and will be directed by Kimitoshi Chioka. The series will, “…follow the aftermath of Goku’s fierce battle with Majin Boo, as he attempts to maintain earth’s fragile peace.” A manga adaptation from “Toyotarō” will run each month in V-Jump beginning back in the August 2015 issue.

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  • Sorry for the double post, but I just checked the episode title on the main Kanzenshuu website. It seems that it’s different from the one listed in the scan.

    • dbgtFO says:

      It’s because Saikyo Jump got the episode numbers wrong. It says episode 5 aired on August 2nd, but that was the 4th episode and we’re getting the 5th on sunday. On the scan up above we’ve got
      Airdate, Episode number, Episode title.
      Only the episode numbers are wrong(they should be 1 less), so when it says “6” as episode number, read it as “5” in your mind and the airdate and title adds up.
      Kanzenshuu just corrected this.

  • Javaki says:

    I think the romaji for episode 8 are a bit too long.
    Shouldn’t it say “Gokū Kenzan da! Birusu-sama Kara no Rasuto Chansu!?” instead of “Tsu ni Gokū ga Kenzan da! Birusu-sama Kara no Rasuto Chansu!?” ❓

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