“Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!” (“Dragon Ball Super” OP) CD Single Details
Published by 18 August 2015, 7:00 AM EDT

The official website of singer Kazuya Yoshii has released details for the upcoming “Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!” (“Transcendence ☆ Dynamic!”) CD single.

Both regular (COCA-17058; ¥1,200) and limited editions (COZA-1114-1115; ¥2,000) will be available 07 October 2015. The CD single is set to include the original “Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!!” (Dragon Ball Super opening theme) as well as an English version of the song, a cover of “I’ll Give You Romance” (original Dragon Ball TV series ending theme), and also instrumental/karaoke versions of both tunes.

  1. 超絶☆ダイナミック!
    (“Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!”; Japanese vocals)
  2. ロマンティックあげるよ
    (“I’ll Give You Romance”; Japanese vocals)
  3. Chozetsu☆Dynamic!
    (English vocals)
  4. 超絶☆ダイナミック! -Instrumental-
    (“Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!”; karaoke version)
  5. ロマンティックあげるよ -Instrumental-
    (“I’ll Give You Romance”; karaoke version)

The limited edition will also come packed with a bonus DVD set to include a music video collection:

  1. Clear
  2. (Everybody is) Like a Starlight
  3. (Everybody is) Like a Starlight (silhouette ver.)
  4. Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!

Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!” is currently being used as the opening theme to the new Dragon Ball Super TV series. The regular and limited edition CD singles are available for pre-order via Amazon Japan.

A CD single for the Dragon Ball Super ending theme — “Hello Hello Hello” by Good Morning America — was released last week in Japan.

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  • B says:

    I wonder in which of the 7 Universes would Toei get Ushio Hashimoto back for a theme. If cover count means anything, “Romance”‘s staying power is unrivaled.

  • SaiyamanMS says:

    … With the English version of Chozetsu☆Dynamic! on there, I’m actually a little scared that international versions of the show might get stuck with only that version, like we have with the songs by Flow and Momoiro Clover Z in the new movies.

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