“Dragon Ball Super” Manga Updates + “Super Saiyan Blue” & “Vados”
Published by 23 October 2015, 11:41 AM EDT

With this week’s release of V-Jump‘s December 2015 issue, a wealth of new Dragon Ball Super information is making its way through fandom. As expected from a tease in Weekly Shōnen Jump earlier this month, Toyotarō’s Dragon Ball Super manga — now in its fifth chapter — has skipped the Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F” (Resurrection ‘F’) re-telling arc to move into new territory. We have made extensive updates to the Dragon Ball Super section of our manga guide’s “Official Spin-Offs” area to document all of these new reveals!

In particular, chapter five brings us two new names: an alternate name for the “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan” transformation, and (finally!) a name for Champa’s attendant.

After tripping over his words and biting his tongue, Goku asks Vegeta if they can do something about the “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan” name. Having noted the blue hair earlier, Whis suggests the name “Super Saiyan Blue” (超サイヤ人ブルー; sūpā saiya-jin burū) instead. Mid-chapter, while explaining how Goku and Vegeta defeated Freeza after his recent resurrection and attack on Earth, the narrator also refers to the form as “Super Saiyan Blue”.

The name “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan”, while not actually being spoken aloud in dialog during Revival of “F”, was named as such and has been used extensively in guide books, merchandise, etc. up until this point. As of now this alternate name is exclusive to Toyotarō’s manga adaptation of the series and it is still unclear whether this name was originally conceived by Akira Toriyama or if Toyotarō himself is using it to poke fun at the form’s long name. It remains to be seen if the Dragon Ball Super TV series, which has not yet hit this story material, will similarly adopt the “Super Saiyan Blue” name, particularly in light of the fact that there are numerous differences already been the manga and TV adaptations.

Champa’s attendant is revealed to be named “Vados” (ヴァドス; va·do·su), most likely taking her name from “calvados” (カルヴァドス; ka·ru·va·do·su), an apple brandy of French origin. This fits with Champa’s name pun, itself likely sourced from (and literally the first few characters of) “champagne”.


Toyotarō’s Dragon Ball Super manga adaptation runs each month in V-Jump. The December 2015 issue of V-Jump hit Japanese shelves 21 October 2015 and is available for order via CDJapan and Amazon Japan.

This Dragon Ball Super manga series has been thoroughly documented in our manga guide’s “Official Spin-Offs” area with a corresponding synopsis, notes, and images for each individual chapter.

UPDATE: The thirty-seventh episode of Dragon Ball Super, which aired more than five months after this article’s original posting, had the first instance of “Super Saiyan Blue” spoken aloud in the TV series:


After further transforming during his battle with Cabba, Vegeta referred to it as the “latest version” of Super Saiyan and literally named it aloud as “Super Saiyan Blue”.

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