Ford Focus “The Ultimate Wish Is Granted” DBZ Commercial
Published by 20 December 2015, 9:29 AM EST

Earlier this week, Ford Motor Company released a new commercial for the Ford Focus — “The Ultimate Wish Is Granted” — using footage from the Dragon Ball Z TV series. The footage features an original script with dialog provided by FUNimation’s English voice cast.

Dragon Ball Z’s Krillin and Gohan have three wishes… but who needs three wishes when you can have the complete package in a 2016 Ford Focus?

Christopher Sabat, voice actor and director with FUNimation, noted on Twitter that the Ford producers were as “shocked” as they were (presumably in regards to being able to produce the commercial in the first place), and that the Ford representatives “in charge of the ad-at least the ones in the session-were HUGE DBZ fans. They couldn’t believe it.

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  • FoolsGil says:

    And you know, now I want a Ford Focus. If Porunga vouches for it, it must be good!

  • goku262002 says:

    If Goku can promote chicken and Vegeta can train using his secret ramen noodle recipe and both can have a dance off with Freeza over some soda then this can exist damnit!

    But seriously I would’ve loved to have seen Piccolo’s reaction to being un-wished over a car.

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