Ryūsei Nakao Returns as Voice of Frost in “Dragon Ball Super”
Published by 28 February 2016, 9:17 AM EST

Veteran voice actor Ryūsei Nakao returns to Dragon Ball Super as the voice of Frost from Universe 6, as heard and credited in today’s thirty-third episode of the television series.


Nakao, most well-known as the voice of Freeza, has also played the roles of Tambourine, Coola, Chilled, and Kuriza in various Dragon Ball features and video games. Nakao was most recently heard in Dragon Ball Super itself as Freeza.

Of the Universe 6 competitors, only Magetta and Hit remain unvoiced and uncredited thus far; Botamo and Cabba were revealed to be voiced by Yasuhiro Takato and Daisuke Kishio, respectively, during last week’s episode.

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