“Dragon Ball Super” Voice Actor Update: Kazuhiro Yamaji Debuts as Hit
Published by 19 March 2016, 10:27 PM EDT

Today’s thirty-fifth episode of the Dragon Ball Super TV series in Japan featured the debut of Kazuhiro Yamaji as the voice of the “legendary hitman” Hit, one of Champa’s Universe 6 tournament combatants.


Yamaji has played various roles in game, film, television, and stage presentations over the last several decades. He has also been the main Japanese dub voice for Hugh Jackman in the various X-Men franchise and other live-action films.

UPDATE: Oolong’s voice actor, and current series narrator, Naoki Tatsuta is heard providing the voice of Magetta in the episode. Tatsuta is not credited for Magetta (or his narration) in the episode due to already being credited for voicing Oolong.

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