Czecho No Republic “Forever Dreaming” (“Dragon Ball Super” ED4) CD Single Details + New Cover Song
Published by 13 April 2016, 8:45 AM EDT

Czecho No Republic has released the full track listings and cover art for both the “Czecho Version” and “Dragon Ball Super Version” of their upcoming “Forever Dreaming” CD single, the title track for which is currently in use as the fourth closing theme to the Dragon Ball Super TV series.

The “Czecho Version” will include the original Japanese as well as an English version of “Forever Dreaming” and two additional tracks: “24 Factory” and “Dinosaur (Daydream Version)”:



  1. Forever Dreaming
  2. 24 Factory
  3. Forever Dreaming (English Version)
  4. Dinosaur (Daydream Version)

The “Dragon Ball Super Version” will include both the Japanese and English versions of “Forever Dreaming” along with two additional tracks: “24 Factory” and a cover of the closing theme to the original Dragon Ball TV series, “I’ll Give You Romance“:



  1. Forever Dreaming
  2. 24 Factory
  3. Forever Dreaming (English Version)
  4. I’ll Give You Romance

“Forever Dreaming”, available now various Japanese digital storefronts as a TV-sized single, saw its full-length radio debut today in Japan on Tokyo FM’s “Skyrocket Company” broadcast.

The “Czecho Version” (COZX-1174~5; ¥1700 + tax) and “Dragon Ball Super Version” (COCA-17191; ¥1200 + tax) of the “Forever Dreaming” CD singles will be available 18 May 2016 in Japan. Both are available for pre-order on CDJapan and Amazon Japan.

Czecho No Republic previously contributed “Oh Yeah!!!!!!!” as the fifth overall closing theme for the Japanese broadcast of Dragon Ball Kai.

“I’ll Give You Romance” was also recently covered by Kazuya Yoshii on his CD single for the Dragon Ball Super opening theme, “Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!”

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