Published by VegettoEX
20 April 2016, 2:49 PM EDT

Having spent a fair amount of time porting new translations to the website, it only made sense to catch up on the podcast by talking about this new content! Tune in for our thoughts on some of Toriyama’s earliest media attention and what the anime staff were up to as the Dragon Ball Z portion of the series was hitting its stride.

Episode #0401! Mike and Julian discuss the recent article and interview translations added to Kanzenshuu. What kind of media attention was Akira Toriyama subjected to after his early success, and what did the anime staff have on their minds as the DBZ-portion of the series began to hit its stride?


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  1. DerekPadula

    I really enjoyed this episode. It’s nice to hear you and Julian provide insights on the recent interviews. I wasn’t familiar with the importance of many of those staff members in the anime discussions. And I’m glad that the Tetsuko’s Room interview is now available for others to read.

    21 April 20167:45 PM EDT