“Dragon Ball Fusions” (3DS) Updates in June 2016 V-Jump
Published by 27 April 2016, 2:34 PM EDT

Following up on last month’s formal debut (as well as a new trailer earlier this month), Dragon Ball Fusions for the Nintendo 3DS receives a slew of new updates and coverage in this month’s June 2016 issue of V-Jump in Japan.


Perhaps most notably, the magazine lists Pinich as being voiced by Naomi Shindō, a newcomer to the Dragon Ball franchise.

The V-Jump spread recaps the known story of the two main characters wishing for the greatest tournament, which results in Shenlong creating a world where different times and places are fused together to hold the Jiku-Ichi Budōkai (“Strongest in Time and Space” Tournament). The player will be attacked by Nappa and Raditz right at the story’s start, and the magazine urges players to check out the new manga series in Saikyō Jump for more tidbits about the story.

Players will be able to have a party of up to five characters. If a “certain condition” is met (seemingly filling up your “Max Gauge” in battle), an “ultimate fusion” becomes possible. The “ultimate fusion” involves all five party members fusing into one. On the flip side, Bulma has created the “Metamo-Ring”, which is the key to “EX Fusion” (as teased last month in V-Jump). While EX Fusion is not as strong as regular fusion (i.e. the Fusion Dance), it allows any two compatible warriors to fuse and then split up again. An example given is Pandel, a fusion of Videl and Pan. “Regular” Fusion results in characters wearing Metamorian clothing. Since everything is already fused together in this world, this makes the Fusion Dance slightly easier than in the real world.

Dragon Ball Fusions (originally revealed as “Project Fusion”) is currently under development by Ganbarion for a nebulous 2016 release by Bandai Namco on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. No international localization has been announced as-of-yet.

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