Podcast Episode #0405
Published by 08 June 2016, 10:07 AM EDT

The number of Dragon Ball cover songs continues to explode as the multiple generations of fans grow up and disperse into their own various realms of hobbies and professions. The closing theme to the original TV series – “I’ll Give You Romance” – seems to have made a significant and lasting impression over the years, and continues to receive new covers and reinterpretations on an annual basis. Listen in for some great tune recommendations!

Episode #0405! Mike and Meri hash out one last batch of Trunks anticipation based on the “Dragon Ball Super” episode 46 stinger and next-episode-preview. We also share the top five cover versions of the original “Dragon Ball” TV series ending theme, “I’ll Give You Romance”. A wide selection of old and new covers alike make the list, so listen in for some great tune recommendations!


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