Dragon Ball “Digest Edition: Legend 5” Cover Artwork + Upcoming Preorders
Published by 17 June 2016, 11:59 AM EDT

Shueisha has released the cover artwork for the upcoming fifth volume (“Legend 5”) of the Dragon Ball manga’s new “Digest Edition” (Sōshūhen):


These editions are touted as allowing the reader to “enjoy Dragon Ball the same way as when it was serialized in Jump“, and are the same size as the original Weekly Shōnen Jump serialization (JIS B5; 18.2 × 25.7 cm). The volumes feature an exclusive large foldout poster, the original color pages and titles, promotional slogans, text and logos, and next issue previews at the end of each chapter.

“Legend 5” picks up with Chapter 113, will run 366 pages, and is set for release 24 June 2016 for ¥500 plus tax, with the second and fourth Friday of each subsequent month seeing one new volume apiece (“Legend 6” is due out 08 July 2016 with “Legend 7” following 22 July 2016). “Legend 5” is available for pre-order via Amazon Japan.

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