Fifth “Dragon Ball Super” Ending Theme Song Announced
Published by 19 June 2016, 7:41 AM EDT

Japanese band Batten Shōjo-Tai (“X-Mark Girl Squad”, stylized as “Batten Showjo Tai”) has announced that their upcoming single “Yoka-Yoka Dance” (“Easy-Going Dance”) will take over as the fifth ending theme song for the Dragon Ball Super TV series beginning in July.


According to the group’s official website, “Yoka-Yoka Dance” will begin airing in July 2016 with a CD single release following 14 September 2016.

The song was written by Takemasa Ono of KEYTALK, who performed the series’ second closing theme, “Starring Star“. Additionally, Narasaki (known as the producer of Momoiro Clover Z, who contributed “Pledge of ‘Z’ as the closing theme for the 2015 theatrical film Resurrection ‘F’) was involved in the editing and production of the new song.

Takemasa Ono provided a comment about the song alongside its announcement:

It’s a song about how even when things are rough, you can smile and overcome it! I’ll be glad if it gets people excited during live concerts! By the way, I wrote it while dancing (^O^) Yoka-Yoka Dance! Heh!!!

Batten Shōjo-Tai was formed in June 2015 by Star Dust Promotion Fukuoka. The idol group’s members average 14 years of age. The group aims… “to be popular not only in Fukuoka but also all of Kyushu and the entire country.” The group’s major debut was with the song “Osshoi!” from Victor Entertainment Colorful Records in April 2016.

CD singles for the show’s first four ending themes — “Hello Hello Hello” by Good Morning America, “Starring Star” by KEYTALK, “Light Pink” by LACCO TOWER, and “Forever Dreaming” by Czecho no Republic — have been released. A CD single for the show’s opening theme — “Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!” by Kazuya Yoshii — was released 07 October 2015.

Thanks to @nemurenatta for the clarification on “Osshio!”, previously reported incorrectly as a debut album rather than individual song and CD single.

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