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21 October 2016, 12:53 PM EDT

In conjunction with today’s December 2016 issue of V-Jump, Bandai Namco’s official website for Dragon Ball Fusions as well as an article on Famitsu‘s website have all detailed the second major update patch coming to the game, set for release on the Nintendo 3DS eShop 02 November 2016.

Included in the update, two new playable characters will be added: “Goku Black” (along with his Super Saiyan Rosé form) and “Trunks: Super” from the ongoing “Future Trunks arc” of the Dragon Ball Super television series.


Additionally, two new EX Fusions will be available: the present-timeline Trunks and “Trunks: Super” will combine to form “EX Trunks” while Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black and Broli will combine to form “Karoli Black“.


The game’s first major update (released 28 September 2016) included a new “Time-Space Radar stage” set in the real world, plus new a new “Online Vs. and Ranking Function”.

Dragon Ball Fusions, developed by Ganbarion for Bandai Namco, is the latest Dragon Ball franchise video game and is exclusively available on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The game has sold 177,592 copies thus far in Japan. The game is scheduled for an international localization, hitting North America in December and Europe in February 2017. Check out Episode #0409 of our podcast for our first impressions with the game.

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  1. Lance Freeman

    The fact that Karoli Black isn’t a Potara fusion is a wasted opportunity. Also, is he turning black or is his shirt really that tight?

    21 October 20165:21 PM EDT