Bandai Namco Releases First Batch of “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” Promotional Videos
Published by 24 October 2016, 9:25 PM EDT

Following yesterday’s sixth-anniversary live stream celebration, Bandai Namco has released official versions of their first Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional videos.

In the special movie that serves as the update’s opening video, the player’s avatar character enters the new game world alongside Time Patrol Trunks to interrupt the powered-up “Freeza: Xeno” and his attack on Goku. Towa appears in her own new form, only to be thwarted by Chronoa, the Kaiōshin of Time, who has brought Vegeta and Goku in their own new forms. Trunks and Vegeta fuse via the Potara earrings into “Vegeks” as the team assembles! Meanwhile, Zamasu and Goku Black merge to battle with Goku in the future timeline!

The game-engine CG world introductory video showcases Towa’s assault as the time patrol heroes fight back, while the powered-up “Freeza: Xeno” (along with henchmen Zarbon and Dodoria) also make an appearance:

The game’s “how to play” video showcases new cards and characters coming to the game, the major hardware improvements coming alongside the upgrade, and more.

Over 500 million cards have been shipped for the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game over the course of its six years thus far. The game will transition to new hardware (while remaining backward compatible with all existing cards) for Super Dragon Ball Heroes 71 November 2016 in Japan. Two Nintendo 3DS game adaptations — 2013’s Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission and 2014’s Ultimate Mission 2 — have been released exclusively in Japan.

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