Podcast Episode #0414
Published by 24 October 2016, 8:40 PM EDT

It finally happened: official subtitled Dragon Ball Super simulcast streams are available (nearly) worldwide! Between Crunchyroll and Daisuki, most fans now have a great option to easily and legally keep up with the show. The availability of the show itself is one thing, but how about the subtitle translations? With Dragon Ball Super, bootleg distributions have either featured impeccable or garbage translations. How does Toei’s own product shape up in this regard?


Episode #0414! Mike and Jake discuss the quality of the subtitle translations available in Toei’s “Dragon Ball Super” simulcast streams. With a mix of dub terminology, faithful adaptations, and even some direct romanizations, will the proper nouns be accessible to anyone at all? Terminology aside, how about (perhaps most importantly) the rest of the translation? Tune in for a great batch of examples and explanations, along with a news recap and look ahead to future website content!


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