“Dragon Ball Fusions” (3DS) Version 2.2.0 December Update Brings New Characters & Online Story Quest
Published by 19 November 2016, 7:49 AM EST

This weekend’s January 2017 issue of V-Jump is set to announce a 2.2.0 update coming to Dragon Ball Fusions on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Following up on the previous 2.1.0 update which brought Trunks and Goku Black from the Dragon Ball Super television series, the 2.2.0 update will bring additional new characters (Merged Zamasu and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegetto) as well as a special online story quest mode.

While training in the world of the Valley of Space and Time, the protagonists are informed by Jiku about a ki disturbance in the space/time vortex. It seems that ki from some other space/time is rapidly “disappearing”. When the protagonists head to the space/time vortex, they meet Goku Black, who has traveled through time and space. In order to wipe out all mortals, Goku Black is attempting to take control of the zone linking together all of space/time.

What’s the Space/Time Vortex Quest?!
A special, limited time only online quest lasting for three weeks!! Each week the battle rules change, and ranking battles are conducted! By participating in this event, you get the powerful warriors showcased on the right! And the top rankers get another special prize too?!

1st Round Rules:
-Compete to see who can inflict the most damage within a set timeframe
-At the end of that time, the participants all get SS Trunks: Super
-At the end of that time, top rankers receive the special attack “Light Sword”
-When the quest is over: title “Indomitable Spirit”

The first round of the “Space/Time Vortex Quest” will run from 07 December 2016 to 13 December 2016, with the second round following immediately after.

Dragon Ball Fusions, developed by Ganbarion for Bandai Namco, is the latest Dragon Ball franchise portable video game and is exclusively available on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The game has sold upward of 170,000 copies thus far in Japan. The game is scheduled for an international localization, hitting North America this month and Europe in February 2017. Check out Episode #0409 of our podcast for our first impressions with the game.

The January 2017 issue of V-Jump is available to purchase on CDJapan and Amazon Japan.

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