Shueisha Launches New Digital Dragon Ball Spin-Off Manga By Popular Fan Artist dragongarowLEE
Published by 13 December 2016, 6:30 AM EST

Shueisha has launched a new Dragon Ball spin-off manga series on their Shōnen Jump+ digital platform by popular fan artist @dragongarowLEE.

Dragon Ball gets a super-outrageous side-story! And the main character is… him, of all people! Aiming to be the strongest, he challenges himself with stupendous training…?!

The series, “Dragon Ball Side-Story: The Case of Being Reincarnated as Yamcha” (ドラゴンボール外伝 転生したらヤムチャだった件), begins with a young man dying (while chasing a young girl down the stairs) and being reincarnated in the Dragon World as Yamcha. With his knowledge of the Dragon Ball series, he is able to change Yamcha’s fate by training to defeat all six Saibaimen and subsequently traveling to Planet Namek to have his potential unlocked by the Great Elder.

The series is currently planned for three chapters, with the next installment set for release next month. dragongarowLEE took to Twitter to offer his thanks to existing fans and an introduction to new followers:



ちなみに全3回を予定してまして、続編はなんとか来月出せれば、という状況なので、楽しみにしてくださってる方はしばらくお待ちくださいm(_ _)m
公式アカウントに「とてつもない修業に挑む⁉︎」なんて書かれててちょっとハードル上がってますが 笑

いくつか原稿途中の写メがあるので載せておきます。だいたいが栽培マン描くのに疲れたタイミングで撮ったものですが 笑

This time they’re letting me draw a Dragon Ball side-story manga for Jump Plus. I was worried about what kind of response it would get, but I was surprised that it caused enough of a stir to trend on Twitter. Thank you everyone for reading it! And replying on Twitter (^^) Sorry for keeping it a secret until now.

My editor first gave me the plans for a manga about reincarnating as Yamcha, and I used that as the basis to make my rough draft and original manuscript. Like always, I did everything myself, entirely analog (^^) It’s good that even in this day and age I managed to get by even without a good PC setup.

By the way, it’s planned for 3 chapters total, and I’ll try and have the next installment out by next month, so everyone looking forward to it, please hang on for just a bit m(_ _)m On the official account they went and wrote “he challenges himself with stupendous training?!”, which kind of gives me a higher hurdle to clear lol.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts ☆
I’ve got several pictures from when I was making the manuscript, so I’ll post them up here. Most of them are from when I was all worn out from drawing Saibaimen lol

Perhaps most notably, unlike Naho Ooishi (Episode of Bardock, Dragon Ball SD) and Toyotarō (Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission, Dragon Ball Super), dragongarowLEE was seemingly allowed to keep his existing pen-name in the transition to an official, licensed artist.

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