Bonus Podcast Episode: The Story of “Battle Point Unlimited”
Published by 19 December 2016, 6:43 PM EST

Our history with documenting Kenji Yamamoto‘s musical shenanigans goes back nearly a decade at this point. From the earliest stories on our podcast to our entire retrospective feature, it perhaps goes without saying that we have taken great interest in sharing these tidbits.

This week on the podcast, we take it back to the beginning with a special bonus episode: this is the story of “Battle Point Unlimited”, the insert song in episode 120 of the Dragon Ball Z television series.

Bonus episode! Tune in as Mike provides a complete history of the “Dragon Ball Z” episode 120 insert song “Battle Point Unlimited” by Kenji Yamamoto (a.k.a. “Monolith”). What made it sound so distinct from the rest of the score, and how is the obvious case of plagiarism here admittedly so different and even innovative from what came later?


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