Podcast Episode #0421
Published by 13 February 2017, 12:03 PM EST

On this episode of the podcast, after catching up with a couple weeks worth of news, we dive in to two smaller topics: (1) a check-in on the translation quality for Dragon Ball Super‘s anime simulcast and digital manga release, and then (2) an analysis of the new visual direction and color scheme on display in the “Universe Survival arc” of the anime.

Episode #0421! Mike and Jake check in on the translations for both the “Dragon Ball Super” anime simulcast and the Viz digital manga publication. With each version moving along at their own pace, how do the translation styles stack up against each other, and have there been any noticeable errors? Ajay later joins to discuss the new visual direction for the “Universe Survival arc” of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime with its saturated colors and new line art techniques.


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