Eighth “Dragon Ball Super” Ending Theme Song Announced
Published by 06 March 2017, 2:33 PM EST

The official Dragon Ball Super website has announced that Japanese singer Miyu Inoue will take over with “Boogie Back” as the eighth ending theme song for the television series beginning in April.

The April ending is a pop tune you can dance to! It’s set as Miyu Inoue’s major debut single “Boogie Back”!

The major debut single “Boogie Back” (an April 19th release) of 19-year old female singer Miyu Inoue (born in Fukuoka and coming from music school “Voice”, which has produced such famous artists as Ayaka, Yui, Leo Ieiri, and chay) has been selected as Dragon Ball Super‘s ending theme for April to June!

The ending theme begins airing on April 2nd, but starting today you can listen to a preview on Miyu Inoue’s official website (

The regular edition of the single (VICL-37262) will retail for ¥1,200 + tax. An “Anime Limited Edition” version of the single (VICL-37263) will retail for ¥1,000 + tax. A two-disc (CD+DVD) “Limited Edition” version of the single (VIZL-1146) will also be available for ¥1,800 + tax.

B-sides “Slave” and “I will be your love” (along with corresponding instrumental/karaoke versions) will round out the CD single. The various editions are available for pre-order on Amazon Japan and CDJapan for their 19 April 2017 release.

Leo Ieiri, cited in the announcement as also coming from the “Voice” music school, contributed the song “Pure Heart” as the second ending theme for Dragon Ball Kai‘s Boo arc in Japan back in 2014.

CD singles for the show’s first seven ending themes — “Hello Hello Hello” by Good Morning America, “Starring Star” by KEYTALK, “Light Pink” by LACCO TOWER, “Forever Dreaming” by Czecho no Republic, “Easy-Going Dance” by Batten Showjo Tai, “Chao Fan MUSIC” by Arukara, and “An Evil Angel and Righteous Devil” by THE COLLECTORS — have been released. A CD single for the show’s first opening theme — “Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!” by Kazuya Yoshii — was released 07 October 2015. The series’ second opening theme — “Limit-Break x Survivor” by Kiyoshi Hikawa — does not yet have a CD single announced, though a TV-size version is available on certain Japanese digital provider sites.

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