“Dragon Ball Super: Universe Survival Arc” Character Bio + Voice Actor Updates: Vermoud, Anato, Ea, Mosco, Kuru, Oguma, Iru, & Agu
Published by 10 March 2017, 1:09 PM EST

Since last updating with a few new characters, the official Dragon Ball Super website has unveiled several more characters and their respective voice actors along with short biographies.

Universe 11 God of Destruction Vermoud (ベルモッド berumoddo) is played by Masami Kikuchi, who previously played Monaka in the series.

Does not abide evil. The valiant efforts of his Pride Troopers send his heart a flutter.

Universe 1 Kaiōshin Anato (アナト anato) is played by Yūsei Oda, who also plays one of the Omni-King’s attendants in the series.

God of the universe with the highest mortal level. Has a gentle smile.

Universe 3 Kaiōshin Ea (エア ea) is played by Makoto Naruse.

Slightly influenced by mortals who like machines.

Universe 3 God of Destruction Mosco (モスコ mosuko) is not given a voice credit.

Looks like a robot. Communicates through electronic sound.

Universe 4 Kaiōshin Kuru (クル kuru) is played by Tomomichi Nishimura.

Haughty, his pride as a god is extraordinarily high.

Universe 5 Kaiōshin Oguma (オグマ oguma) is played by Megumi Urawa, who previously voiced Erasa and Oob in Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Kai, and Dragon Ball GT (where applicable by character).

A gentle god who values a balance of knowledge and power.

Universe 8 Kaiōshin Iru (イル iru) is played by Masakazu Morita, who also plays Whis in the series, and previously played Tarble in the 2008 Jump Super Anime Tour special.

Loves making plans, and gets fired up when those plans start to come together.

Universe 12 Kaiōshin Agu (アグ agu) is played by Yasuhiro Takato, who also plays Botamo in the series, and previously voiced Gurd and Yamu in Dragon Ball Kai.

Says virtuous things. Although his universe is already developed, he aspires to take it even higher.

UPDATE: Several readers let us know that, while not set to display on the main character listing, the website does in fact have one more character page live:

Universe 11 Angel Marcarita (マルカリータ marukarīta) is played by Ai Sasaki, who previously played a reporter in episode 73.

Universe 11’s guide. Always gives candid advice to Kai and Vermoud, who are insufficiently strict. An angel with an individual speaking style.

The Dragon Ball Super television series airs Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. on Fuji TV in Japan. The series is available for free and premium viewing on licensed sites such as Crunchyroll, Daisuki, and AnimeLab. New episodes are added — in their original Japanese language with accompanying English subtitles — the same day as their Japanese broadcast. FUNimation has also announced their American distribution license for the series, with the English dub beginning this past January on Cartoon Network.

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