Announcement: Immediate Reorganization of Kanzenshuu Staff
Published by 01 April 2017, 9:38 PM EDT

In light of drastic shifts in recent news reporting, we have decided to refocus our efforts and restructure our managerial staff. As of today, Mike “VegettoEX” LaBrie is no longer with Kanzenshuu. We want to extend our gratitude to Mike, as he was a dedicated webmaster and staff member of this site, in all of its incarnations, for nearly 20 years and his presence will be missed. We wish Mike and Meri well and want the best for them. Undoubtedly, many fans of the site may question the decision to request Mike’s resignation, but rest assured it was a decision made with the Dragon Ball community’s best interest in mind. His dedicated service, friendship, and recent mental instability will not be forgotten.

Moving forward, our intent is to once again return to our roots and refocus on fact-based material, including accurately-researched news coverage that will benefit fans. Any forum account banned today has been reinstated with our sincerest apologies. We have told Mike that we will do whatever we can to help him in pursuit of a new position with another site, if he so desires, during this transitional period.

We are excited about the future of Kanzenshuu and look forward to a very positive rest of 2017.

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