Forum Ban Announcement & Discourse Evaluation
Published by 01 April 2017, 9:12 PM EDT

Dear Kanzenshuu community,

All users with a registration date after 2005 have been banned in an attempt to Make Kanzenshuu Great (Not “Again”, Because It Never Was)™. It has been determined by a panel of my peers (which consists of only me) that I am the only one capable of discussing Dragon Ball in a responsible manner in English, so we are effectively starting over to the earliest batch of forum posts and registered users. I will be the sole operator and administrator, and will manually approve all posts before they are made. There will be a minimum of a 10-day waiting period for all posts to be approved. This time period may be extended at my sole discretion depending on how many more old magazines I want to scan before reading your dumb posts.

Furthermore, we are re-enabling our world filter (NO FREE SPEECH) which will change all instances of “Hercule” to “Fuzzy Kitten Friend”.

This is not up for debate, and we will not negotiate with any users. Please be sure to re-read the community guidelines, which you agreed to (twice) prior to registration, before making any further contributions.

Thank you, and have fun!

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