SPOILERS: Goku’s New Form Seen in Opening Theme Song
Published by 01 April 2017, 9:04 AM EDT

One of the biggest questions fans have these days is: what’s up with Goku’s new form seen in the show’s opening theme?! After debuting last September (following an unsuccessful pilot series last year), literally dozens of people have been enjoying the show, all the meanwhile wondering what the special hair color and expression on Goku’s face might mean. Is he evil now? Is he some kind of god? Is he adding the power of the Kayo-Ken to himself?

Well, we have the answer!


We found out that Dragon Ball Z is actually Japanese, and finished airing there last year! Not only have they been holding out on us with Super Mario Bros. 5, but apparently also information about our favorite new cartoon! We found someone named “Chris” on who responded:

The final picture of the cast is a big mistake on FUNimation’s part, because it shows Vegeta standing WITH everyone (spoiling the fact that he joins the group) Trunks standing with them (to this day, I bet kids are still asking “Who the hell is that guy?”) and Goku going Super Saiyan. None of this happens until at LEAST the end of next season.

There you have it: apparently that is the “Super Saiyan” we have been hearing so much about! We’re still not sure what a trunks is, though.

Dragon Ball Z airs weekend mornings in syndication. Check your local listings for dates and times.

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