Podcast Episode #0424
Published by 09 May 2017, 11:38 AM EDT

This week’s show has a few bits of what we do best: expanding some news into a larger topic, and going in-depth to reflect on some of our own processes compared with the franchise’s official English-language release. Tune in for a rundown on various changes (and perhaps even mistakes!) made with characters and names in Dragon Ball Super‘s latest story arc, and stick around for a comparison between our own translation versus Viz’s official translation of the special interview in the manga’s first collected volume.

Episode #0424! Mike and Jake review the latest “Dragon Ball Super” character name developments alongside a quick look back at various production slip-ups and changes. Julian joins for a little inside-baseball chat about translation using Viz’s “Dragon Ball Super” Volume 1 interview as a base. Tune in for all this and a little bit of news recap from the last week!


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