Ninth “Dragon Ball Super” Ending Theme Song Announced
Published by 05 June 2017, 7:36 PM EDT

Japanese band Lacco Tower has announced that their song “Far Away” (遥 Haruka) will take over as the ninth ending theme song for the Dragon Ball Super television series beginning in July. The song will be produced by Seiji Kameda, marking the band’s first-ever collaboration with an external producer. The band’s vocalist Matsukawa Keisuke provided the following comment:

The “Earth’s Shenlong” who appears in Dragon Ball used to grant a single wish. Last year when we got to do an ending theme for Dragon Ball, in a way it felt like our wish had been granted. And now we’ve once again been entrusted with the important task of doing an ending theme. To top it off, they selected the precious tune “Far Away” which we developed. It feels just like we’ve been granted another wish.

“Planet Namek’s Shenlong (Porunga)” who appears in Dragon Ball can grant three wishes. This time another splendid thing happened to us: the new ending theme “Far Away” is being produced by the beloved Seiji Kameda-san. This marks the first time Lacco Tower has had a producer. There’s no better way to reach a new audience. Since we’ve got a producer, I wanted to make the greatest tune we could, one we could only make now.

With everything seeming like a dream come true, I’m not sure exactly what I’ll leave behind for everyone. However, I hope everyone will come along with this tune to make it into an ending theme fit for the mightiest of anime. Please take this opportunity to connect with Lacco Tower and with “Far Away”.

A TV-sized version of the song will be made available on Japanese digital platforms alongside its debut for ¥143 (plus tax). A traditional CD single has yet to be announced.

Lacco Tower previously contributed the song “Light Pink” as the third closing theme to the Dragon Ball Super television series.

CD singles for the show’s first eight ending themes — “Hello Hello Hello” by Good Morning America, “Starring Star” by KEYTALK, “Light Pink” by LACCO TOWER, “Forever Dreaming” by Czecho no Republic, “Easy-Going Dance” by Batten Showjo Tai, “Chao Fan MUSIC” by Arukara, “An Evil Angel and Righteous Devil” by THE COLLECTORS, and “Boogie Back” by Miyu Inoue — have been released. A CD single for the show’s first opening theme — “Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!” by Kazuya Yoshii — was released 07 October 2015. The series’ second opening theme — “Limit-Break x Survivor” by Kiyoshi Hikawa — does not yet have a CD single announced, though a TV-size version is available on certain Japanese digital provider sites.

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