Podcast Episode #0428
Published by 11 October 2017, 8:56 PM EDT

One of the best parts of running Kanzenshuu is the wealth of history we get a chance to dive into and archive. This week’s episode takes a look at Akira Toriyama’s arcade machine design from 1993, brings us from 1991 to 1997 to 2010 reviewing different official English releases of the same Dragon Ball film, and wraps up with a quick gut-reaction to the latest Dragon Ball Super extravaganza with Goku vs. Jiren!

Episode #0428! Mike and Meri take a look back at Akira Toriyama’s arcade machine design from 1993 before diving into three separate reviews of the first “Dragon Ball” movie’s English-language release. We wrap up with an uncharacteristic, quick gut-reaction to the one-hour “Dragon Ball Super” special featuring Goku’s fight with Jiren!


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