“Dragon Ball FighterZ” Upcoming Open Beta + Initial DLC (Anime Music & Commentator Voice Packs) Schedule
Published by 20 December 2017, 9:31 AM EST

Bandai Namco has announced their schedule for the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta, starting with those digitally pre-ordering on consoles followed by all other console players:

Day 1: Open Beta begins Jan. 13 at 12am PST until 11:59pm (PST) for those with early access who digitally pre-ordered the game (X1/PS4)

Day 2/3: All access begins on Jan. 14 at 12am PST and ends Jan.15 at 11:59pm PST.

Bandai Namco has also outlined a tentative schedule for the initial batch of (non-character) downloadable content, with the “Anime Music Pack” available by 01 March 2018 followed by the “Commentator Voice Pack” available by 15 April 2018.

Everyone at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. would like to thank our fans for their unprecedented excitement and support for DRAGON BALL FighterZ. Teams throughout BANDAI NAMCO are focused on making sure DRAGON BALL FighterZ launches globally as scheduled on January 26, 2018. With that said, we would like to share an update about the timing of availability for some of the contents included in the DRAGON BALL FighterZ Ultimate Edition Pack; they are as follows:

The Anime Music Pack will be available by March 1, 2018
The Commentator Voice Pack will be available by April 15, 2018

We want to thank our fans once again for their patience as we use the remaining weeks before the launch of DRAGON BALL FighterZ to make sure the game is developed to the highest levels of quality and fun. As a token of our appreciation, we will be including four additional stamps and one additional Lobby Avatar within the DRAGON BALL FighterZ Ultimate Edition Pack.

The “Anime Music Pack” is slated to be identical to the version released for Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2 in Japan, which includes the following songs:

  • 魔訶不思議アドベンチャー! (“Mystical Adventure!”)
    opening theme to the Dragon Ball TV series by Hiroki Takahashi
  • ロマンティックあげるよ (“I’ll Give You Romance”)
    ending theme to the Dragon Ball TV series by Ushio Hashimoto
    first opening theme to the Dragon Ball Z TV series by Hironobu Kageyama
    second opening theme to the Dragon Ball Z TV series by Hironobu Kageyama
  • でてこいとびきりZENKAIパワー! (“Come Out, Incredible ZENKAI Power!”)
    first ending theme to the Dragon Ball Z TV series by MANNA
  • 僕達は天使だった (“We Were Angels”)
    second ending theme to the Dragon Ball Z TV series by Hironobu Kageyama
  • DAN DAN 心魅かれてく (“Bit by Bit, You’re Charming My Heart”)
    opening theme to the Dragon Ball GT TV series by Field of View
  • プロローグ&サブタイトルI (“Prologue & Subtitle 1”)
    first episode recap and title card music from the Dragon Ball Z TV series by Shunsuke Kikuchi
  • ニューヒーロー登場 (“A New Hero is Born”)
    Dragon Ball Z TV series Boo-era background music by Shunsuke Kikuchi
  • ソリッドステート・スカウター (“Solid State Scouter”)
    Bardock Dragon Ball Z TV special insert song by Dragon Magic Orchestra
  • 恐怖のギニュー特戦隊 (“The Fearsome Ginyu Special Force”)
    Freeza-era Dragon Ball Z TV series background music by Shunsuke Kikuchi

Dragon Ball FighterZ is also set to receive eight additional characters by way of paid downloadble content in the future. A “FighterZ” pass will be available for $34.99 covering all eight characters, along with their respective stamps, lobby avatars, and alternate color schemes.

The 3-on-3, “2.5D” fighting game is under development by Arc System Works for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam). The game is advertised as running at a 1080p resolution and 60fps frame rate, with higher resolutions available on the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X consoles. Currently-announced playable characters include Son Goku, Son Gohan (Cell arc design), Vegeta, Freeza, Cell, Boo (Good), Trunks, Piccolo, Kuririn, #16, #18 (with #17), Yamcha, Tenshinhan (with Chiaotzu), Ginyu, Nappa (with Saibaimen), Gotenks, Son Gohan (Boo arc design), Boo (Pure), Hit, Beerus, and Goku Black (with Zamasu), as well as “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan” (SSGSS, or “Super Saiyan Blue”) versions of Goku and Vegeta that can be accessed early via pre-orders. The Akira Toriyama-designed “#21” has also been revealed as a new character central to the game’s story mode. Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released 26 January 2018 in North America and Europe, and 01 February 2018 in Japan.

Arc previously worked on Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden for the Nintendo 3DS, as well as the Super Sonic Warriors games (Bukū Tōgeki and Bukū Ressen) on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. The developer is otherwise known for their Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series of fighting games.

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