“Dragon Ball Super Original Soundtrack Vol. 2” Announced For Release in February 2018
Published by 01 February 2018, 5:32 PM EST

Toei and Columbia have announced a second Dragon Ball Super Original Soundtrack volume for release 28 February 2018 in Japan. The set (COCX-40280~1) will span two discs.

Across 61 total tracks of Norihito Sumitomo’s score, the included music will span selections from the Future Trunks arc into the Universe Survival arc of the Dragon Ball Super television series. Multiple instrumental and motif versions of the current opening theme — “Limit-Break x Survivor” — as used in the show are included in the track listing.


  1. Limit-Break x Survivor (TV size)
  2. Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (Hero Ver.)
  3. Warrior Spirit
  4. Zero Mortal Plan
  5. Trunks and Mai
  6. A Mother’s Love
  7. Death-Match with Goku Black
  8. Solving the Mysterious Puzzle
  9. Fistfight Battle
  10. Zamasu’s Overwhelming Power
  11. Humiliating Defeat
  12. The Birth of Merged Zamasu
  13. Heroic Battle
  14. Trunks the Savior
  15. The Mortals’ Hymn
  16. Pledge of Peace
  17. The Omni-King’s Wrath
  18. Triumphal Return
  19. Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (Defeat Ver. )
  20. Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (Sorrowful Ver. )
  21. An Eerie Foe
  22. Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type A)
  23. Jiren’s Theme
  24. Prelude to Battle
  25. Universe 7 in Trouble
  26. Unknown Territory
  27. Limit-Break
  28. The Wall Before One’s Eyes
  29. Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type B)
  30. Reparation
  31. The Boys’ Adventure
  32. Distant Journey
  33. Camouflage Battle


  1. Shady Scheme
  2. Desperate Plan
  3. Gorgeous Warriors
  4. Knockout Blow
  5. Precious Comrades
  6. Tactics
  7. Omni-King’s Theme
  8. Strongarm Battle
  9. Limit-Break x Survivor (Relaxed Ver.)
  10. Instant-Kill Battle
  11. Aim for the Top
  12. Formidable Foe
  13. Towards Hope
  14. Limit-Break x Survivor (Irregular Battle Ver.)
  15. Limit-Break x Survivor (Peace Ver.)
  16. Limit-Break x Survivor (Preview)
  17. Fierce Battle against a Mighty Foe
  18. Dream Tag Match
  19. A Fearsome Foe
  20. The Power to Resist
  21. A Secret Plan with One’s Life on the Line
  22. Unwinnable Battle
  23. The Final Death-Match
  24. The Kaioshins’ Scheme
  25. Strategy Conference
  26. Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type C)
  27. Our Hero, Son Goku
  28. Far Away (TV size)

The release marks almost exactly two years since the first volume, itself released back in February 2016. The soundtrack is currently available for pre-order via CDJapan.

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  • Baggie_Saiyan says:

    “The Boys’ Adventure”
    Hmm the Goten/Trunks subplot that was set up and dropped?

    “Our Hero, Son Goku” Well that just spoiled this entire arc 😛

  • sshadow5001 says:

    Huh…I thought Goten Looked strange, It’s because he hasn’t got long sleeves.

  • Naruto6583 says:

    Anyone else notice that we’re getting a version of Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! that never appeared in the anime before
    Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (Hero Ver.) Appeared in the future trunks special
    Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (Sorrowful Ver. ) Appeared in episode 50
    Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (Defeat Ver. ) 2 This is the only one that hasn’t appeared yet

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