Podcast Episode #0435
Published by 05 March 2018, 1:44 PM EST

Tying in with one of last week’s daily Toriyama works entries — as well as with a recent interview translation! — this week’s podcast episode dives into the occasionally-combined worlds of Dragon Ball and KochiKame. A two-page fake ending to KochiKame kicks everything off, and we ultimately land 16 years later in a continuation to that same material. Tune in for a breeze through the intersecting worlds of Akira Toriyama and Osamu Akimoto!

Episode #0435! Mike and Julian briefly discuss 20 years of “Dragon Ball” manga in English from Viz before turning their attention to the intersecting “Dragon Ball” and “KochiKame” material over the years. A joint interview in 1990 sheds some light on the respective authors’ different approaches to character creation, while a 2006 manga crossover continues a legendary fake-ending from 16 years prior!


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