New (Old) Translation: Akira Toriyama 1988 “This is How I Became a Cartoonist”
Published by 09 March 2018, 2:58 PM EST

The 38th entry in the official Japanese Dragon Ball website’s “The Nearly Complete Works of Akira Toriyama” was a quick look at the inside title page from 1988’s Akira Toriyama’s _____piece Theatre Vol. 2. While this is a nice glimpse at the book, it does not nearly begin to cover the breadth of new commentary from Toriyama himself!

In between the various one-shots collected in the volume (itself released during the 23rd Tenka’ichi Budōkai in Dragon Ball‘s serialization), Toriyama contributed a six-part “This is How I Became a Cartoonist” illustrated series. We have heard the story of Kazuhiko Torishima discovering and encouraging Toriyama countless times, but in this case Toriyama gets a little more introspective and reflects on his school days and brief time in the traditional workforce:

I was one of the more talented ones at the design firm I joined, so I conducted my work pretty shrewdly. Except I wasn’t a morning person, so I was quite frequently late for work. On top of that, it was a fairly big company, they were fussy about the dress code, and I got chewed out quite often. In short, I had problems as a member of the workforce. In the end, I came to hate my job, and I quit after about two and a half years. But looking back on it now, I came to know at least a little bit of how the world works, so it wasn’t a waste. If one were to go straight from the student to the cartoonist, that sort of thing would be hard to understand, no matter what.


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