New Translation: 2014 “Katsura Akira – Premium Talk”
Published by 09 March 2018, 8:33 AM EST

Following up on the previous “Sachie-chan GOOD!! Collaboration One-Shot Talk” and the “Jiya Super Deluxe Talk” is another joint interview between Akira Toriyama and Masakazu Katsura: the “Premium Talk” from their 2014 release, Katsura Akira (stylized in Japanese as カツラアキラ katsurakira).

Katsura Akira compiled the two authors’ previous Galactic Patrol collaborations, Sachie-chan GOOD!! and JIYA, and was released the same day as the collected edition of Toriyama’s own Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. The included “Premium Talk” sees the two chat up the origin of the Galactic Patrol series, their sometimes messy work relationship, and the underlying friendship that has driven them forward for over thirty years.

I had no idea you were so stubborn. (laughs)

No, no, no, no. Me, that stubborn?!

You just can’t help wanting to move people, can you, Katsura-kun? I want to make things as un-dramatic as possible. I like the stupid little interactions in the middle of things. I don’t want to put in any kind of baggage or gloomy stuff.

I told you, that’s wrong! You talk about me like I want to make things dramatic, but I merely voiced my objection to you taking the moving material that was there and dumping it out! In Sachie-chan GOOD!! as well, the plot that I heard initially was an incredibly good story. But the storyboard that came out of it was such a letdown. (laughs) The material was moving stuff; why does this guy go and water it down? I figured the readers would also appreciate it if you fixed that up, and I also felt that as much as my own works are subversive, at least when I’m working with the world-famous Akira Toriyama, I should do things earnestly on the straight-and-narrow.


This interview has been archived in our “Translations” section. The author comments from this volume have also been newly added to the archive. For more Toriyama & Katsura interviews and insight, check out the following:

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