Podcast Episode #0441
Published by 30 April 2018, 6:53 PM EDT

This week on the show, our podcast wraps up a two-part look at the various Dragon Ball prototypes over the years. We pick up here in late 1983 with the self-contained one-shot The Adventure of Tongpoo, and we make our way into 1984 with a series of drafts that will ultimately become Dragon Ball itself!

Episode #0441! Mike and Julian discuss “The Adventure of Tongpoo”, a one-shot Akira Toriyama drew in 1983 which served as one step along the way to creating “Dragon Ball” itself. What feels different here from “Dragon Boy” earlier that same year? We wrap things up with a look at a series of drafts taking us from a straight “Journey to the West” adaptation up to the characters and story we know and love as “Dragon Ball”-proper!


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