“Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission” Vol. 2 Release Details
Published by 04 May 2018, 10:55 AM EDT

The second collected volume of Yoshitaka Nagayama‘s Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission (“Ankoku Makai Mission”) manga series, “Time of the Dark Demon Realm’s Resurrection” (暗黒魔界復活の時 Ankoku Makai Fukkatsu no Toki), saw its release this week (02 May 2018) in Japan.

7つの暗黒ドラゴンボールを集め、暗黒魔界復活を目論む首領・メチカブラ! “時の界王神”率いるトランクスたちタイムパトロールは、持てる力を結集して立ち向かう!! 暗黒魔界ミッション、極に第一部完!

Boss Mechickaboola plots to revive the Dark Demon Realm by gathering the seven Dark Dragon Balls! Trunks and the Time Patrol, lead by the “Kaiōshin of Time”, concentrate their power to stand against him!! Dark Demon Realm Mission Part 1 reaches the ultimate conclusion!

Nagayama’s introductory comment touches on the completion of “Part 1” of the series:

第一部完!! 暗黒魔界、マジ魔神…。

Part one is complete!! Dark Demon Realm, Maji-Majin [“seriously the devil”]

Removing the dust jacket reveals separate front and back cover artwork showcasing a slew of characters from the series:

The second collected volume picks up where the first left off, collecting the sixth through tenth standard Dark Demon Realm Mission chapters, originally serialized in the July 2017, September 2017, November 2017, January 2018, and March 2018 issues of Shueisha’s bimonthly Saikyō Jump magazine.

Alongside greyscaled versions of all chapter titles pages, the tenth chapter in particular features a new title page, which was originally a multi-page spread in the March 2018 issue of Saikyō Jump. Between the ninth and tenth chapters is a bonus chapter exclusive to the collected edition featuring a battle between an unmasked-and-remasked Bardock and King Vegeta: Xeno.

The only bonus Charisma Mission content in this volume is a set of two pages originally printed after the tenth chapter in the March 2018 issue of Saikyō Jump; where an additional two pages were present to promote Universe Mission, the collected volume instead transitions to a full-on real promotion for the new update, concluding with two entirely new Charisma Mission pages wrapping up the promotion.

The volume also comes packed with a “Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta: Xeno” card — with an “Atomic Kamehameha” — for the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game.

Nagayama’s original Charisma Mission series debuted with a special Rookie Charisma Mission Episode 0 in the December 2013 issue of Saikyō Jump, then ran in earnest from the July 2014 to July 2016 issues. In it, Engineer Yoshito, Battle Navigator Tsubasa, and Battle Princess Momo illustrate the various features of the game in comedic ways. With the cancellation of Katsuki Hirose‘s Dragon Ball Discross Divine Power God MAX!! spin-off manga series (due to the Discross arcade game’s official discontinuation), Nagayama returned with Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Charisma Mission!! in the March 2017 issue. A sequel/continuation from and initially a replacement for the previous Dragon Ball Heroes Super Charisma Mission! manga series, Dark Demon Realm Mission began in the September 2016 issue of Saikyō Jump telling a new story set in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes world with Time Patrol Trunks, Chronoa, and more.

Following the completion of “Part One” of the story with the ten Dark Demon Realm Mission chapters, Nagayama transitioned the series into Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission in the May 2018 issue of Saikyō Jump, coinciding with the new Ultimate Mission update series to the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game.

The second volume retails for ¥400 (plus tax), spans 192 pages, and is available to order on CDJapan and Amazon Japan.

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