“The Nearly Complete Works of Akira Toriyama”: Work #077
Published by 06 May 2018, 8:00 PM EDT

The official Dragon Ball website’s seventy-seventh entry in “The Nearly Complete Works of Akira Toriyama” — an on-going series highlighting rare and important pieces of the author’s work over the years — is a preview for additional Dr. Slump from its premiere in the 1980 #5-6 double issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump (released 05 January 1980):

Dr. Slump, by self-described country bumpkin Akira Toriyama.

A message from Toriyama-sensei has arrived from Nagoya… Wow! Such cute lettering and illustration… This is a country-bumpkin whirlwind bblowing through the world of gags! There’ll be lots of laughs next week, too!!

I just went from egg to chick a little while ago. I wanna fly soon. So I thought, everyone, please be good to me.

The debut of Dr. Slump was previously featured as the twenty-first and seventieth entries in this series.

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