Podcast Episode #0445
Published by 03 June 2018, 7:40 AM EDT

This week on our show we take up the ongoing chat about Toyotarō possibly tracing recent cover artwork, but do so with some perspective a little more divorced from the usual side things. To wrap things up with a little fun, we also dive back into the Dragon Ball 590 Quiz Book from a few years back — enjoy the embarrassing hilarity that ensues!

Episode #0445! Mike chats with Rich and Jeff about accusations of Toyotaro tracing artwork in the lead-up to his July 2018 V-Jump cover contribution. To lighten the mood a little bit, Julian and Meri join for a quick breeze through 2015’s “Dragon Ball 590 Quiz Book”. Play along at home and see how strong you are!


  • 00:12 – Introduction
  • 05:38 – Toyotaro Part 1
  • 35:09 – Toyotaro Part 2
  • 1:05:51 – 590 Quiz Book
  • 1:29:46 – Wrap-up


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