New Broli Design on Display at “Jump Victory Carnival 2018”
Published by 17 July 2018, 11:31 PM EDT

The first leg of Shueisha’s “Jump Victory Carnival 2018” event has just wrapped up in Tokyo, with the second leg set to kick off in Osaka on 22 July 2018. During the event, Japanese Dragon Ball fans began tweeting out photographs of several promotional items related to the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie on display. The most intriguing of these items was a new three-figure set of figures from Banpresto, which features Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku and Vegeta versus Broli, providing fans with the first glimpse at Akira Toriyama’s new Broli design. The official V-Jump Twitter account later released their own set of photographs, specifically noting Broli’s new design. Also alongside this set was a limited edition figure of Naohiro Shintani’s newly designed Son Goku.

Besides the variation in Toriyama’s new color selections, there is one key difference between his original Broli design for the 1993 movie and that of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. Of note is the use of more traditional Saiyan attire as seen throughout the franchise, including his armor, wrist bands, and boots. In his original design Toriyama had decided that Broli would not actually wear Saiyan armor, explaining that:

Battle suits such as the one worn by Vegeta were issued by Freeza’s forces, so he [Broli] doesn’t wear one.

Also prominently displayed elsewhere at the event was Shintani’s character design for what is presumably Broli’s Legendary Super Saiyan transformation. This design sheds Broli’s new armor and brings him much closer inline to his original design, although with some additional scaring.

Finally, as the event came to an end, the V-Jump editorial staff held a closing program on the “Super Golden Stage”. During the program they showcased several of Shintani’s character designs, including two new sheets of Broli, as well as a special Dragon Ball Super movie poster drawn by Toyotarō which will be included in the upcoming September issue of V-Jump due out 21 July 2018. Thanks to @Freza_sama for sharing the video!

The story, script, and character designs for Dragon Ball Super: Broly, opening nationwide in Japan 14 December 2018 in 2D, IMAX, and MX4D, are being crafted by original manga author Akira Toriyama. The film will be directed by Tatsuya Nagamine, and will feature animation supervision by Naohiro Shintani along with art direction by Kazuo Ogura.

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