Nana Mizuki (Chelye) and Tomokazu Sugita (Lemo) Announced as Voices in “Dragon Ball Super: Broli” Theatrical Film
Published by 12 September 2018, 3:54 PM EDT

The Dragon Ball Official Site has announced Nana Mizuki as the voice of Chelye and Tomokazu Sugita as the voice of Lemo in this year’s upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broli theatrical film.

Included as part of the announcement are comments from each:

Nana Mizuki:
Toriyama-sensei draws what you might call incredibly expressive characters. In a series that features constant serious battles, my character Chelye handles the more laid-back, slice-of-life parts. She’s a bit of a hoodlum, but also very cute (laughs).

Her relationship with Lemo is such that she doesn’t start off calling him “Lemo-san” or anything polite like that. Rather, they talk in the style of the hoodlum world’s hierarchy, calling each other “sis” and “bro” (laughs). Then after overcoming hardships together, their relationship develops to the point where they refer to one another without any honorifics. Also, it is precisely because Lemo is a grown-up that he lets Chelye’s youthful statements slide. He’s like an amazing father, or a tender life instructor (laughs).

Tomokazu Sugita:
I initially figured my character Lemo would resort to cowardly tactics and then get defeated by Broli, but I was pleasantly surprised to find he’s portrayed as someone with a different viewpoint which supplements Broli’s irregular power. Despite being a depiction of strength, you can’t show Broli only from the perspective of other strong people; frankly I think you also need a weak person’s point of view. The weak Lemo kind-heartedly accepts Broli, while Chelye faces Broli’s power head-on. So it’s like Lemo and Chelye balance each other out. For my performance as Lemo, I focused on not making him sound like a bad guy, even if he said cold-hearted or abusive things. Lemo is a kind person underneath it all. He’s a sly, yet warm-hearted character, so I was highly focused on that part of the performance.

While both actors have been active and prolific since the turn of the century, these will be their debut Dragon Ball roles.

In the upcoming film, Chelye and Lemo are members of Freeza’s army. Chelye steals a Galactic Patrol ship and joins Freeza’s army to flee her pursuers once her crime is discovered. Lemo meanwhile has served in the army since King Cold was leading it. Neither has met Freeza face-to-face, but are important characters surrounding Broli in this film.

The story, script, and character designs for Dragon Ball Super: Broli, opening nationwide in Japan 14 December 2018 in 2D, IMAX, and MX4D, are being crafted by original manga author Akira Toriyama. The film will be directed by Tatsuya Nagamine, and will feature animation supervision by Naohiro Shintani along with art direction by Kazuo Ogura. The film will receive international distribution following its Japanese debut.

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