Viz Announces “Chōgashū” English Translation For Fall 2019 as “Dragon Ball: A Visual History”
Published by 17 January 2019, 2:47 PM EST

Viz announced today their forthcoming English-language publication of 2013’s Dragon Ball: Chōgashū as Dragon Ball: A Visual History, set for release this fall.

Alongside the release of the final Chōzenshū (updated and expanded versions of the original Daizenshuu guidebook series), Shueisha released the Chōgashū (or “Super Art Collection”) in May 2013. At its core, the Chōgashū is an update and expansion of the first Daizenshuu volume from 1995: it contains all the illustrations from Daizenshuu 1, plus a number of items that fell through the cracks and were later published in Daizenshuu 7, as well as the vast majority of Toriyama’s Dragon Ball-related work since 1995 (such as Toriyama’s Hoko×Tate illustration, Tōhoku earthquake/tsunami support image, and “Super Collaboration Ticket” drawing of Goku). It contains the original “Akira Toriyama Super Interview” from Daizenshuu 1 alongside a new Q&A session, as well as a single, JIS B4-sized poster featuring Toriyama’s personal favorite Dragon Ball illustration (Goku and Gohan on a two-legged motorbike, originally drawn as a bonus poster in a 1990 issue of Weekly Jump), and on the reverse, a listing of all Jump issues that featured Dragon Ball over the course of the series’ run. Within the book, pages are glossy and thick, with its 240 pages managing to nearly equal the thickness of the 352-page Chōzenshū books. Due to space considerations with the sheer number of illustrations, a number of images have been reprinted at a smaller size than in the first Daizenshuu, but all are sharp and faithfully reproduced.

The company noted in a subsequent tweet that the included image was of the original Japanese cover, and that their own cover design would debut soon.

The Chōgashū received a translated release in Hong Kong back in 2017.

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