Three Dragon Ball Vinyl Records To Be Re-Released in July 2021
Published by 03 May 2021, 9:54 AM EDT

Columbia will re-release three vinyl records 28 July 2021, covering the Dragon Ball television series opening and ending theme songs, various Dragon Ball television series theme and insert songs, as well as the first Dragon Ball Z television series opening and ending theme songs:

“Mystical Adventure!” / “I’ll Give You Romance”

“Dragon Ball Hit Song Collection”

  • Catalog: HMJA-140
  • Format: LP
  • Price: ¥4,400
  • Contents:
    • SIDE A:
      “Mystical Adventure” (“Makafushigi Adobenchā!“) by Hiroki Takahashi
      “Aim To Be The Greatest On Earth” (“Mezase Tenka’ichi“) by Hiroki Takahashi
      “The Dragon Ball Legend” (“Doragon Bōru Densetsu”) by Hiroki Takahashi
      “Hunt For Mr. Dream” (“Mr. Dorīmu o Sagase“) by Ushio Hashimoto
      “The Blue Travelers” (“Aoki Tabibito-tachi“) by Hiroki Takahashi
    • SIDE B:
      “Mystery Wonderland” (“Fushigi Wandārando“) by Wonderland Gang
      “The Teachings of Muten Rōshi” (“Muten Rōshi no Oshie“) by Kōhei Miyauchi
      “The Son Goku Song” (“Son Gokū Songu“) by Masako Nozawa
      “Wolf Hurricane” (“Urufu Harikēn“) by Tōru Furuya
      “I’ll Give You Romance” (“Romantikku Ageru Yo“) by Ushio Hashimoto

“CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA” / “Come Out, Incredible ZENKAI Power!”

In addition to the original 1980s vinyl versions, each product subsequently saw cassette and CD re-releases over the years. A later Dragon Ball: Complete Song Collection in 1991 expanded upon the original Hit Song Collection version, itself receiving a 2003 re-release with a rearranged track order.

These vinyl re-releases, announced by Shueisha as well as Columbia and Lawson by way of retailer HMV, come in conjunction with the Dragon Ball television series’ 35th anniversary this year, as well as the 7th anniversary of the opening of the HMV record shop Shibuya. Direct orders are currently only available through HMV in Japan.

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