New Translation: V-Jump February 2021 Issue Toyotarō Sidebar Q&A
Published by 06 October 2021, 10:02 AM EDT

Our latest translation is a tiny, three-item Q&A from a sidebar column in the February 2021 issue of Shueisha’s V-Jump magazine (originally released 21 December 2020); for proper historical context, this issue contained Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 67, which concluded the “Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc” and officially kicked off the (as of this post still-ongoing) “Granolla the Survivor arc”.

As discussed in more depth on Episode #0489 of our podcast, this otherwise-inconspicuous sidebar column is the primary source for the fact that it was Akira Toriyama who provided a draft for the overall storyline of the current “Granolla the Survivor” arc:

“What are you excited about going onto the “Granolla the Survivor arc”?
It took even longer to come up with ideas than with the last arc, but it was all worth it, and Toriyama-sensei came through with a fantastic draft for us. There’s still nothing I can say for now regarding the actual story, but we included a lot of twists and new reveals so that we think the readers will enjoy it immensely. I’m gonna heat things up more than ever before, so please, everyone, be sure to give me your support!

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