Kanzenshuu’s Dragon Ball Rumor Guide Receives Overhaul + New Entries
Published by 01 April 2022, 10:55 AM EDT

We originally launched the “Rumor Guide” on 13 December 2003 back on Daizenshuu EX, one of the original fusees of this website. Alongside standard sections like the “Music Database” and the “Episode Guide“, it’s one of the longest-running sections we have that’s still based in some of the original, pre-Kanzenshuu content!

Since its launch, the “Rumor Guide” has consistently been one of the most-visited and oft-referenced sections of the site. It has remained a bit of a relic from that era, however, with giant pages and an inability to link directly to any particular, specific item.

As part of our big design refresh and various launches today, the “Rumor Guide” receives a major facelift! The main page now lists all of the entries with clear categories and status markers, each entry has been reviewed and updated as necessary, and each rumor is now its own unique, individual page that you can link directly to.

We didn’t stop there, though! Alongside the refresh, three significant new rumors have been added to the guide:

The Title of Dragon Ball Z Movie 1

What is the title of the first theatrical Dragon Ball Z film? If you live anywhere outside of Japan, you may know it by a name like “Dead Zone” or “Die Todezone Des Garlic Jr.” or “La Vendetta Divina” or “Jakten på Garlic”. But what about “Return My Gohan!”…?

The Budokai Video Games Held Back Story Content Due to the English Dub Being So Far Behind

With the first Dragon Ball Z: Budokai game — released in November 2002 in America — only covering through the Cell arc (with the bonus inclusion of an unlockable Great Saiyaman), one might be tempted to make a reasonable assumption that later story elements were held back because FUNimation’s English dub had not yet reached those points in the series.

FUNimation Did Not Begin Dubbing Dragon Ball Z Until 1999

Fans tend to confuse the order of events and multiple production partners over the years. What people regularly call “the Ocean dub” or “the Pioneer dub” or “the Saban dub” was always the FUNimation dub, right from the very start in 1994!

Enjoy the guide refresh, the new entries launching today, and look forward to even more new material hitting the guide soon!

(It’s funny to consider that, back at the section’s launch nearly twenty years ago, “There is a new series!” was a false rumor…!)

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