Podcast Episode #0492
Published by 03 April 2022, 11:34 AM EDT


Episode #0492! Mike and Heath reflect on TEN YEARS of Kanzenshuu fusion! Alongside a (very condensed!) history of how our respective sites began back in the ancient days, we share some of our favorite stories from the last ten years, as well as discuss some of the recent upgrades and initiatives here on the site (including our Patreon)! Here’s to another ten years!


Our podcast is available via Apple Podcasts and/or Google Podcasts, or you can pop the direct RSS feed into the program of your choice. You can also listen to this episode by directly downloading the MP3 or by streaming it on Spotify, SoundCloud, or YouTube. We invite you to discuss this episode on our forum.

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  • Zero-ELEC says:

    Honestly if this episode of the podcast hadn’t said that y’all redesigned the main website, I probably wouldn’t have found out for a bit, I normally just lurk in the video game forum and listen to the podcast.

    Fantastic redesign and what a blast from the past this podcast episode.

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