Translation Update: “Special Project: Toyotarō Drew It!” Image #53
Published by 21 April 2022, 10:58 AM EDT

Each month, Toyotarō provides a drawing of a Dragon Ball character — as well as an accompanying comment — on the official Japanese Dragon Ball website. Following up on the wealth of characters already drawn, for his April 2022 entry, Toyotarō has contributed a drawing of Artificial Human No. 13:

Artificial Human No. 13

The new release date for the brand-new movie Super Hero is set, and the excitement’s finally started building!

I’m looking forward to the day it comes out!

No. 13 originates in the Dragon Ball Z series’ seventh theatrical film (“Extreme Battle!! The Three Great Super Saiyans”), originally debuting at the Toei Anime Fair in July 1992. While not contributing to the movie’s story development, original author Akira Toriyama provided original character designs for the three artificial humans (No. 13, 14, and 15), which were later printed in the “Gallery of Akira Toriyama” section of Daizenshuu 6.

The new film that Toyotarō refers to is the forthcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero theatrical film. Though the film was originally slated to premiere 22 April 2022 in Japan, the film was delayed to 11 June 2022 following a Toei network intrusion.

This drawing and comment set has been added to the respective page in our “Translations” archive.

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