Japanese “Dragon Ball Super” Manga Volume #19 Releasing in August 2022
Published by 17 June 2022, 1:52 PM EDT

Shueisha and online retailers have listed the nineteenth collected volume of the Dragon Ball Super manga series by Toyotarō as releasing 04 August 2022 in Japan for ¥484 + tax.

Following most previous volumes, the upcoming 19th volume should be set to include four Dragon Ball Super manga chapters, spanning 81-84.

The Dragon Ball Super “comicalization” began in June 2015, initially just ahead of the television series, and running both ahead and behind the series at various points. The manga runs monthly in Shueisha’s V-Jump magazine, with the series’ eighty-fifth chapter coming next week in the magazine’s August 2022 issue. Illustrated by “Toyotarō” (in all likelihood, a second pen-name used by Dragon Ball AF fan manga author and illustrator “Toyble”), the Dragon Ball Super manga covered the Battle of Gods re-telling, skipped the Resurrection ‘F’ re-telling, and “charged ahead” to the Champa arc, “speeding up the excitement of the TV anime even more”. Though the television series has completed its run, the manga continues onward, moving into its own original “Galactic Patrol Prisoner” and “Granolla the Survivor” arcs. Viz is currently releasing free digital chapters of the series, and began their own collected print edition back in 2017; the company’s sixteenth collected volume is due out in August 2022.

The Dragon Ball Super television series concluded in March 2018 with 131 total episodes. Crunchyroll (by way of the merger with FUNimation) owns the American distribution license for the series, with the English dub having wrapped its broadcast on Cartoon Network, and the home video release reaching its tenth and final box set in 2020. A complete steelbook “Limited Edition” is due from Crunchyroll this coming September.

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