Bandai Namco Shares Improvements Coming to “Dragon Ball: The Breakers” Based on Prior Closed Beta Feedback
Published by 28 July 2022, 3:55 PM EDT

Hot on the heels of the game’s big release date and edition announcements, Bandai Namco has shared a plethora of updates and adjustments being made to the forthcoming Dragon Ball: The Breakers video game, all based on feedback received following its prior closed beta.

Among the various adjustments are categories including:

  • “Improvements on Survivor’s Understandability”: Updates include a practice mode and opening tutorial
  • “Improvements on Controls and UIs”: The overall layout of the user interface has been updated, inter-team signal messaging has been updated, etc.
  • “Adjustment of Game Balance”: Beacons, supply appearances, and revival condition timings/situations have been adjusted, while additional tweaks both for the raider and survivors, respectively, have also been made
  • “Improvements on matching”: General improvements to the matchmaking and timeout procedures have been made
  • “Others”: Updates to the overall graphics and presentation of the game have been made, as well as fixes for bugs

Developed by Dimps, Dragon Ball: The Breakers puts a small group of seven survivors up against a “raider” in an asymmetrical race to survive, in a world shared with Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2. The “Standard Edition” of the game is currently available for pre-order via Amazon and other retailers, while the “Limited Edition” is noted to be exclusive to Bandai Namco’s own online store. The game launches at a base digital price of $19.99 US (with physical versions coming at respective higher costs) beginning 13 October 2022 in Japan and 14 October 2022 in other worldwide territories across the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam).

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