Translation Update: “Special Project: Toyotarō Drew It!” Images #56 & 57
Published by 20 August 2022, 10:42 AM EDT

Each month, Toyotarō provides a drawing of a Dragon Ball character — as well as an accompanying comment — on the official Japanese Dragon Ball website. Following up on the wealth of characters already drawn, for his catch-up July and August 2022 double-entry, Toyotarō has contributed drawings of the younger Turtle Hermit and Crane Hermit, as well as their master, Mutaito:

The Young Turtle and Crane Hermits

This is how they appeared in Dragon Ball episode 129, when they were under the tutelage of their master, Mutaito


The master of the Turtle and Crane Hermits

This drawing and comment set has been added to the respective page in our “Translations” archive.

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