New Rumor Guide Additions: The Alien Three-Eyed People & The Creation of Vegetto vs. Gogeta
Published by 25 August 2023, 2:58 PM EDT

The “Rumor Guide” has been a consistent favorite of staff and visitors alike here at Kanzenshuu — the entries are a blast to put together, and they each act as an authoritative, one-stop-shop with verified original research and (generally!) definitive answers.

As part of the guide’s latest update, two new entries have been added… including one that was the winner of a recent Patreon poll!

RUMOR: Tenshinhan is a Descendant of the Alien Three-Eyed People

The Earth of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon World is filled with humans, anthropomorphic animals, and even the occasional dinosaur. Some of them can shapeshift. Some of them have colored hair. Some of them are even robots! So why would a human on Earth with three eyes (one who can sprout extra limbs) raise any eyebrows? It turns out that ancillary printed information suggests that Tenshinhan may, in fact, have some distant alien ancestry!

RUMOR: Akira Toriyama Created Vegetto in Response to Gogeta

While most fans are aware of the two types of “fusion” used in the Dragon Ball franchise, the precise timeline of how Gogeta and Vegetto came to be is a bit more nuanced — and interesting! — than one might otherwise think.

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